Magnetic Gun Mount

  • $22.69

If have a firearm then you are in need of this gadget, either at home or on the road as a vehicle holster!  This convenient slick rick magnet is just what you're looking for in concealing your firearms out of sight and organized! 

Uses: Ideal for under a desk/coffee table and bed side mounting for when time is of the essence. Best use for the home, office, car, garage, inside safe etc.

Toughness: Has the magnitude to hold 25 lbs. The magnet could support the gun being mounted parallel or perpendicular. This magnet can easily hold fully loaded glocks, XDMs, .45, and almost anything else you want to challenge this with!

Material: Magnetic with Specialized polymer. The base of the magnet is made of steel to last a lifetime. Plastic coated surface so it will not scratch the finish of your gun.

Shipping In US: United States Orders offers fast Shipping, 4-15 days!

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